Proposing Marriage in Virtual Families 2: Making it Super Romantic

Curing hiccups is not easy. This strange illness has been sweeping the landscape of Virtual Families 2. It does not seem to matter whether you are an adult, teenager or an infant. Your family members can start hiccuping for no reason out of the blue.

The worst instance is when you are proposing for marriage in Virtual Families 2. This one time, my character got into a hiccup fit in the middle of a proposal. To his horror, he knocked over the flaming candles on his table and ended up burning down his house. Thankfully, the character was loaded with lots of money through the usage of cheats. This disaster would have been hard to get around if the character was not wealthy.

Do not worry because hiccup is not fatal. While annoying and possessing the ability for accidents to spontaneously occur, this is on the bottom of the totem pole in terms of disasters in this virtual game. For instance, by not using the money cheats, you are subjecting your family members to being poor and not being able to advance their careers.

Perks Of Being Animal Jam member

Being a member of Animal Jam comes with a lot of perks. One such perk is having Lion Mane code that is released to members only. Having such exclusive club comes with a price, literally, and this is why it’s important to players to get a hold of membership codes when they can.

Despite National Geographic’s best intentions, Animal Jam is not different from many online game in that it revolves around key resources that costs real money. Gems are what makes the Animal Jammers salivate like Pavlov’s dog. Having gems can make you fabulous in Animal Jam cheats and it is no wonder that code generators are online cheater’s tool of choice. Find more info here:

Official Insider’s Guide doesn’t list such tools in its resources due to obvious reasons.

Excelling in Jungle Arena in Clash Royale Through Cheats

Clash Royale has been on the forefront of competitive mobile gaming since its release. Despite the overlap in popularity with Clash of Clans and other clones alike, Clash Royale has seen a meteoric rise to the top of the chart. It is of the utmost envy of other mobile game developers because Clash Royale is a chart topper like no others.

To become a good player in Clash Royale, it is not unknown that jungle arena is the centerpiece of it all. This is the arena that will push your decks to the limit because of long chest cycles activated by this arena. While not up to Arena 10 level of difficulties, it is important to have perfect decks to compete in this lofty level.

Battle rams and bandit decks are a must for any players wanting to compete in Arena 8 and above. By utilizing the deck builders and other deck hacks for Clash Royale, you can assemble a powerful deck that you can use to destroy your opponents. Free gems is another way to get ahead in the game, because everyone is short of them.

The Pitfalls of Getting the Best Squad Together in Star Wars: GoH

Getting to be the best squad in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is no joke. Not only do you have to pick the best characters to start it off, you gotta choose your sides very carefully. First, you need to pick the light side or dark side.

Do you have a dark soul? Then taking your chance on an arena team as the dark side is the way to go because you can use awesome characters like Darth Vader and Darth Maul. Make sure to surround your Jedi with death troopers to soak up the damage and deal out fantastic special abilities only Dark Side has access to.

The light side is also a harmless fun filled with daze and data mine. Boba Fett? Check. Yoda? Check. Possibilities to form the killer team on the light side is very difficult without arena tokens. However, recruit Anakin and force him to be a healer. You can also get iPad version of the game to turn on the god mode which does require use of cheating tools.

Hotels in SmallWorlds

SmallWorlds allows users to create their own unique worlds, complete with unique items, social groups, and activities. The game’s virtual world doesn’t require any allocated software or downloads, it simply runs inside your web browser. With their online friends, SmallWorlds users can share experiences like listening to music, playing games, or watching YouTube videos. SmallWorlds creates its own social network, bringing together some of the best elements of online gaming. And the great thing about this game is that it is never more than a click away on your browser when it comes to SmallWorlds gold generator.

Arguably one of the most interesting things about small worlds is the whole library of different items you can collect. These range from the most rare items to the most common. Users create a collection of items which they can use to adorn the individual rooms they design. This sort of customization is a huge element of the game, allowing users to even invite guests over to their virtual domiciles. Additionally, crafting items can be collected to create your own unique items in the game. The index of collectible things is staggering, whether you are looking for clothing, furniture, or outdoor items like a fire pit. This is possibly most exemplified within the in-game hotels.

The meticulously designed rooms of the lavish SmallWorlds hotels are adorned with specific themes depending on the designer. Custom furniture and accessories give users a one-of-a-kind experience, which is completely different for each visitor. The Small World hotels are also staffed with ample customer service, such as front desk attendants and other staff. These hotels are open 24/7 and allow users to sleep in lavish comfort, or spend time in the lobby chatting with other guests.

Whether you are interested in creating your own personal universe, or participating in a dynamic social network, SmallWorlds is the game for you.

Best Cornerbacks and Middle Linebackers in Madden NFL Mobile

As a new season begins, find out which players you should be using for middle linebacks and cornerbacks. Read on to find out more about them.

Cornerbacks are defense players put in the backfield or outside the linebackers. In this season, here are the most reputable cornerbacks of Madden NFL Mobile:

1. Darelle Revis (90 OVR) from the New York Jets has a 95 MCV/91 ZCV and a speed of 87. He is playing for the New York Jets once more after being Revis Island’s pro bowler for the 6th time.

2. Richard Sherman (88 OVR) of the Seattle Seahawks has a record of 87 SPD90 ZCV and a 94 man coverage. He led the Seattle Legion of Boom.

3. Vontae Davis (88 OVR) of the Indianapolis Colts has a rating of 87 SPD/91 ZCV and a 94 man coverage as well. He had a record of holding 38.8 passer ratings as opposed to quarterbacks.

4. Chris Harris Jr. (88 OVR) of the Denver Broncos could be considered the most underrated of all. He has 88 SPD/92 ZCV and a 94 man coverage.

5. Joe Haden (88 OVR) of the Cleveland Browns has an 88 SPD/89 ZCV and a 94 man coverage.

Meanwhile, there are also the top middle linebackers

1. Lake Kuechly (89 OVR) of the Carolina Panthers is now on his year 4. He is known to have 83 SPD/95TAK/82 POW and 96 pursuit.

2. Navorro Bowman (87 OVR) of the San Francisco 49ers has recovered from his injury in 2013. He has 91 PUR/91 POW/82 SPD and 93 in tackle.

3. Bobby Wafner (87 OVR) of the Seattle Seahawks has been one of the best for Seattle. He has 87 SPD/93 POW, 94 in pursuit, and 94 in tackle.

4. Karlos Dansby (87 OVR) of the Cleveland Browns has 89 PUR/83 POW and d91 in tackle.

5. Lawrence Timmons (85 OVR) of the Pittsburgh Steelers has 95 STR/90 TAK/82 PWM.

Killing Time at My Hotel Playing Crossy Road

Being stuck at hotel during layover can be a boring endeavor. Lately, I’ve been enjoying playing Crossy Road the mobile app whenever I am stuck in hotels during my travels.

It has been stated that perhaps if you combined two previous games; Frogger and Endless Runner, you would have Crossy Road. This game is a fun way to occupy your free time. It can get addicting, so make sure you don’t use it as a way to procrastinate on doing important real world things, like school assignments and work. Use Crossy Road as a treat, for when you actually do have free time to waste. Use it for when you have already done all the work you needed to complete. Crossy Road serves as a good reminder to children and adults to always look carefully before crossing the road. If you are a parent trying to teach your children the safety of looking both ways before you cross the street, maybe even use this game as a way to help implement the lesson in a fun way.

Many people like and enjoy playing Crossy Road, but every game can use some improvement. It has been stated by several folks who play Crossy Road that the game would be even better if you were able to trade duplicate characters for coins. Perhaps more characters could also be included in the game. The whole idea here is that the cute characters have a big impact on the whole game. Regardless of how old the player is, everyone enjoys seeing the different and cute characters that are featured on Crossy Road. It’s exciting when you make progress in the game and you get to interact with new characters.

There is nothing wrong with the current characters, but having even more characters would make the game even more fun. The game is already fun, so making it more fun is just adding to how awesome it is. Pressed for time, I often use the Crossy Road hack android from Crossy Road Secrets to unlock all the secret characters. Some ideas for new characters to include in the game are dogs and many different breeds of dogs, such as Labrador retriever and a pitbull. There could be a monkey section, a horse section, and even some African animals like a zebra.

Another suggestion people have had for the Crossy Road app is to let people try out the dance mode for free. Games that are free should try to make everything free and not make unfair advantages, such as adding stuff that you have to pay for to get.

While playing Crossy Road, coins can be hard to get and very time consuming. Without the coins, you don’t exactly get to experience many of the cute characters. In order to use real money to purchase a character, it would cost $2.99. Some people who get very into the game, will end up spending a fortune just because they want to unlock characters. I suggest that you try really hard not to fall into that trap. While $2.99 may sound like a cheap amount, it certainly isn’t when it comes to a game that doesn’t have a big impact on your actual life. This game is a good escape from your life, so using money from the real world for this game doesn’t really make any sense. Don’t do it.

Travelers Sign in My Singing Monsters

The Travelers’ Sign in My Singing Monster is something you should definitely have It may seem to be a sly decoration that would like to play switcheroo since it has arrows. This is available in Level 7 and it could cost 400 coins. It could be sold for 300 coins or for free with My Singing Monsters hack.

For its appearance, it is usually a tiny tree having signs that look like two arrow-shaped wood. One arrow reads “There” while the other one says “Here”. There is a small rock and a few grass on its side. Some monsters are drawn to this sign. They could have their happiness increased by up to 25% when they get near one. These are the Noggin (Earth, Water, Air, Plant), Bowgart (Cold, Plant), Shugabeats (Shugabush), and the Rare Quibble (Cold, Shugabush, Water, Air).

Generally, the decorations are unavailable until your reach level 1. The Travelers’ Sign in particular already has a set range which would define by how much a monster’s earnings could be boost. Therefore, the boost will only be effective on the earning rate and not the max coins that the monster has in your games.

Some people think that there are decorations that help speed up breeding of monsters in an island. However, there is no proven answer to that but currently, most people do not agree that there are decorations that could speed up breeding.

Summer Jobs in Spain

SpainThere are many individuals who would like to stay in Spain during summer to work since many people would love to live in the country for two months and make money, as well.

And if you are one of them, and then you would be happy to know that there are many jobs in Spain that offer free accommodation, too.

Tourism Industry

If you are seeking for a job that provides free accommodation, and then it is best to look for a job in the tourism sector. There are many visitors in Spain during summer, and as such, those who are seeking for summer jobs are better off finding employment in businesses under the travel and hotel sector.

Resorts and hotels

An individual can find jobs with free accommodation in beach resorts and hotels. The higher volume of tourists requires the resorts and hotels to hire more workers for the season.

A person can work as a hotel attendant, valet attendant, waiter or server for the resorts and hotels.

It is also best to look for a job in Costa del Sol which is the most popular coast in Spain when it comes to tourism. The best places to look for summer jobs in this coast would be in the resorts of Malaga, Marbella, Benalmadena, Mijas, Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

Another coast that is popular among tourists is Costa Blanca coast and those seeking employment might want to look for work in Torrevieja, Benidorm, Calpe, Alicante, La Manga and Murcia.

Those seeking for jobs in resorts may also want to try finding one in Costa Brava and the Spanish Island like Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Canary Islands, Tenerife and Lanzarote.


Bars and restaurants

Those who want to look for a job may also want to work in a restaurant or bars as waiters or even as a chef.

Just keep in mind that not all bars and restaurants may provide free accommodation for tourists who would like to work for the summer. But some actually provide free accommodations for their seasonal workers.

Tour groups

Some find jobs in Spain as tour guides. But take note that those who would like to work as tour guides should be well versed with the tourist spots as well as the Spanish culture and tradition.

Word of Caution

Most of the jobs available for summer are not always posted online and as such, a person will need to find these jobs by going to these businesses one-by-one.

Also, most of these jobs are not full-time, but those who would like to work can work on two part-time jobs to let them earn more money.





15 of the Best 4-Star Hotels in Istanbul, Turkey

turkeyIstanbul is known to be the largest city in Turkey. It has a population of almost 14.1 million and is considered one of the largest urban population in Europe, second largest in Middle East, and fifth largest in the world. It is also known to be the European Capital of Culture which makes it the world’s fifth most popular tourist destination.

Planning to visit Istanbul soon? Here is a comprehensive list of the best 4-star hotels where you could stay.

Whether you are staying in Stiltanahmet, Beyoglu, Sirkeci, or some other hotel district, the 4 star hotels of Istanbul will surely not hurt your budget while providing you convenience and comfort. Consider booking a 4 star hotel if you want modern comfort with a room size that is enough for all your needs. Rates should vary from TL200 to TL400 if you are travelling as a pair, with breakfast included.

However, most of these hotels do not have luxuxy amenities such as swimming pools, meeting rooms, in-hotel restaurants, and shopping arcades. Most of these hotels are conveniently located in main squares or tourist attractions so they would really be convenient for the travelling class. To give you an authentic feeling of Istanbul, these hotels are even designed with Ottoman-style decorations.

Sari Konak Hotel

A fine family-run hotel. Oftentimes, they are fully-booked because of the good service and proximity to Sultanahmet as it is located in Mimar Mehmet Aga Caddesi.

Dersaadet Oteli

Staff is pretty accommodating and interior gives an antique feel through the dark wood. It only has 17 rooms and is located in a quiet area with awesome rooftop terrace views.

orient express hotel

Orient Express Hotel

Orient Express Hotel

This too is just a short walk from Sultanahmet. The price is affordable and it has a swimming pool. The rooftop provides views of Topkapi Palace and the Bosphorus. This one is located near Sirkeci Station and is not far away from famous landmarks to visit in Istanbul.

Blue House Hotel (Mavi Ev)

Located in Sultanahmet and across the Blue Mosque, this hotel is family-run too and is known for the hospitality of its staff. I offers spectacular views from its rooms and it even has a rooftop restaurant.

Hotel Niles

Found just in a quiet back street in Beyazit, his hotel is very near the tram stop. The hotel is relatively small but modern and affordable. It is run by a family too.

Ottoman Hotel Imperial

Ottoman Hotel Imperial

Ottoman Hotel Imperial

This is just across the Hagia Sophia and is said to be the most centrally located hotel in Old Istanbul. It has a fine restaurant worth the try.

Ottoman Hotel Park

This hotel is a bit farther, but not too far away from the busy Istanbul neighborhood. It is located across Kadirga Park.

Hotel Aziyade

This is a hotel named after a person known for his romance. The Ottoman vibe here is intense and offers modern comforts with affordable prices.

Sirkeci Konak Hotel

Located on a quiet street overlooking Gulhane Park, this hotel is Ottoman-themed to but modern in nature and the location is pretty convenient.

Neorion Hotel

This hotel just recently opened last 2011 and was named after the harbor near Istanbul during the Byzantine times. The hotel even offers museum-quality displays inside.

Maison Galata Apartments

These apartments were newly renovated just last 2013 during autumn. Location is convenient near historic neighborhoods. This provides good value for money along with comfort, friendly management, and security.

Room Galata

Room Galata

Rooms Galata

These are actually two historic Beyoglu houses which were restored by architects to give the Beyoglu feel to tourists.


The name means “Five Rooms”. It is currently closed however but this place is nice despite being small.

Richmond Hotel Istanbul

This hotel was built in what was once the imperial Russian embassy. It is medium-sized with a modern feel and it has a Mediterranean rooftop restaurant. It was newly renovated last 2010.

Pera Palace Hotel

This was restored too in 2010 and is managed by Jumeirah. The theme is 19th-century Orientalist.