Best Cornerbacks and Middle Linebackers in Madden NFL Mobile

As a new season begins, find out which players you should be using for middle linebacks and cornerbacks. Read on to find out more about them.

Cornerbacks are defense players put in the backfield or outside the linebackers. In this season, here are the most reputable cornerbacks of Madden NFL Mobile:

1. Darelle Revis (90 OVR) from the New York Jets has a 95 MCV/91 ZCV and a speed of 87. He is playing for the New York Jets once more after being Revis Island’s pro bowler for the 6th time.

2. Richard Sherman (88 OVR) of the Seattle Seahawks has a record of 87 SPD90 ZCV and a 94 man coverage. He led the Seattle Legion of Boom.

3. Vontae Davis (88 OVR) of the Indianapolis Colts has a rating of 87 SPD/91 ZCV and a 94 man coverage as well. He had a record of holding 38.8 passer ratings as opposed to quarterbacks.

4. Chris Harris Jr. (88 OVR) of the Denver Broncos could be considered the most underrated of all. He has 88 SPD/92 ZCV and a 94 man coverage.

5. Joe Haden (88 OVR) of the Cleveland Browns has an 88 SPD/89 ZCV and a 94 man coverage.

Meanwhile, there are also the top middle linebackers

1. Lake Kuechly (89 OVR) of the Carolina Panthers is now on his year 4. He is known to have 83 SPD/95TAK/82 POW and 96 pursuit.

2. Navorro Bowman (87 OVR) of the San Francisco 49ers has recovered from his injury in 2013. He has 91 PUR/91 POW/82 SPD and 93 in tackle.

3. Bobby Wafner (87 OVR) of the Seattle Seahawks has been one of the best for Seattle. He has 87 SPD/93 POW, 94 in pursuit, and 94 in tackle.

4. Karlos Dansby (87 OVR) of the Cleveland Browns has 89 PUR/83 POW and d91 in tackle.

5. Lawrence Timmons (85 OVR) of the Pittsburgh Steelers has 95 STR/90 TAK/82 PWM.

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