Killing Time at My Hotel Playing Crossy Road

Being stuck at hotel during layover can be a boring endeavor. Lately, I’ve been enjoying playing Crossy Road the mobile app whenever I am stuck in hotels during my travels.

It has been stated that perhaps if you combined two previous games; Frogger and Endless Runner, you would have Crossy Road. This game is a fun way to occupy your free time. It can get addicting, so make sure you don’t use it as a way to procrastinate on doing important real world things, like school assignments and work. Use Crossy Road as a treat, for when you actually do have free time to waste. Use it for when you have already done all the work you needed to complete. Crossy Road serves as a good reminder to children and adults to always look carefully before crossing the road. If you are a parent trying to teach your children the safety of looking both ways before you cross the street, maybe even use this game as a way to help implement the lesson in a fun way.

Many people like and enjoy playing Crossy Road, but every game can use some improvement. It has been stated by several folks who play Crossy Road that the game would be even better if you were able to trade duplicate characters for coins. Perhaps more characters could also be included in the game. The whole idea here is that the cute characters have a big impact on the whole game. Regardless of how old the player is, everyone enjoys seeing the different and cute characters that are featured on Crossy Road. It’s exciting when you make progress in the game and you get to interact with new characters.

There is nothing wrong with the current characters, but having even more characters would make the game even more fun. The game is already fun, so making it more fun is just adding to how awesome it is. Pressed for time, I often use the Crossy Road hack android from Crossy Road Secrets to unlock all the secret characters. Some ideas for new characters to include in the game are dogs and many different breeds of dogs, such as Labrador retriever and a pitbull. There could be a monkey section, a horse section, and even some African animals like a zebra.

Another suggestion people have had for the Crossy Road app is to let people try out the dance mode for free. Games that are free should try to make everything free and not make unfair advantages, such as adding stuff that you have to pay for to get.

While playing Crossy Road, coins can be hard to get and very time consuming. Without the coins, you don’t exactly get to experience many of the cute characters. In order to use real money to purchase a character, it would cost $2.99. Some people who get very into the game, will end up spending a fortune just because they want to unlock characters. I suggest that you try really hard not to fall into that trap. While $2.99 may sound like a cheap amount, it certainly isn’t when it comes to a game that doesn’t have a big impact on your actual life. This game is a good escape from your life, so using money from the real world for this game doesn’t really make any sense. Don’t do it.

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