Proposing Marriage in Virtual Families 2: Making it Super Romantic

Curing hiccups is not easy. This strange illness has been sweeping the landscape of Virtual Families 2. It does not seem to matter whether you are an adult, teenager or an infant. Your family members can start hiccuping for no reason out of the blue.

The worst instance is when you are proposing for marriage in Virtual Families 2. This one time, my character got into a hiccup fit in the middle of a proposal. To his horror, he knocked over the flaming candles on his table and ended up burning down his house. Thankfully, the character was loaded with lots of money through the usage of cheats. This disaster would have been hard to get around if the character was not wealthy.

Do not worry because hiccup is not fatal. While annoying and possessing the ability for accidents to spontaneously occur, this is on the bottom of the totem pole in terms of disasters in this virtual game. For instance, by not using the money cheats, you are subjecting your family members to being poor and not being able to advance their careers.

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