Travelers Sign in My Singing Monsters

The Travelers’ Sign in My Singing Monster is something you should definitely have It may seem to be a sly decoration that would like to play switcheroo since it has arrows. This is available in Level 7 and it could cost 400 coins. It could be sold for 300 coins or for free with My Singing Monsters hack.

For its appearance, it is usually a tiny tree having signs that look like two arrow-shaped wood. One arrow reads “There” while the other one says “Here”. There is a small rock and a few grass on its side. Some monsters are drawn to this sign. They could have their happiness increased by up to 25% when they get near one. These are the Noggin (Earth, Water, Air, Plant), Bowgart (Cold, Plant), Shugabeats (Shugabush), and the Rare Quibble (Cold, Shugabush, Water, Air).

Generally, the decorations are unavailable until your reach level 1. The Travelers’ Sign in particular already has a set range which would define by how much a monster’s earnings could be boost. Therefore, the boost will only be effective on the earning rate and not the max coins that the monster has in your games.

Some people think that there are decorations that help speed up breeding of monsters in an island. However, there is no proven answer to that but currently, most people do not agree that there are decorations that could speed up breeding.